Expense and Access



Everyone has access to safe, wasteless, free water.


Plastic bottled water is extremely expensive. To put it in scale, if all of the water you used around the house for showers, dishwashing, watering plants, etc. was bottled water, your H20 bill would be about $9000 per month.


Bottled water is not the solution. WaterStop is the solution!


Did you know?


If you watered your plants and did your laundry with bottled water, it could cost you up to $9000 per month.

In its new report Take Back the Tap, Food and Water Watch researchers look at the booming business of bottled water, which surpassed soda in sales in 2016.

They found that 64 percent of bottled water comes from municipal taps and that it cost almost 2,000 times as much as tap water, and four times as much as gasoline.

In a 2001 National Consumer Water Quality Survey (16 years ago), 86% of American adults agreed that they had “concerns about the quality of their household water,” and 51% “worried about possible health-related contaminants.”


64% of bottled water comes from municipal taps.

We think the fine folks at storyofbottledwater.com say it best:

“Bottled water is, by and large, an unnecessary product that encourages wasteful consumption – and it takes water, a public good and a common need – and submits it to the whims of the market. Price is not equivalent to value, and some resources, in order to be valued properly, must be regulated outside of the market. In the U.S. there are many examples, such as libraries, public schools, parks, highways, and public hospitals. Water is not a commodity to be bought and sold for profit – it is a human need, and must be regulated as such.”


It’s clear that buying plastic water bottles is not the solution.

Lucy Marie Horton