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We like to say that we are like Bottled Water, without the Bottle! By refilling your reusable water bottle (or cup, or chalice, or bowl etc) at a WaterStop, you are helping to reduce waste and to make way for a healthier planet. And if you forget yours - no worries! We'll have them for sale at each cart. We are a Zero Waste Initiative.


Using three step submicron filtration, as well as UV disinfection, we filter municipal, recycled, reclaimed, and desalinated water to the taste and purity of bottled water. We don't want to bore you with the technical details, but if you want us to do so, please get in touch through our Contact page!


We provide accessibility through mobility! Our carts can travel easily to parks, schools and universities, office buildings, stadiums, and any other place where people get thirsty. In cities, we are like any other sidewalk vendor - think Halal food carts in NYC, taco trucks in Austin, or coffee carts in Seattle!


Our carts operate as viable, self-sustaining small businesses, using multiple complementary income streams so that, for the consumer, the water is always FREE. We offer locals a healthy and convenient service, and we offer local entrepreneurs the chance to make a living while benefiting their community!


Coming Soon

WaterStop 2.0

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Innovate the way you hydrate with these upcoming features:


Use WaterStop to stay connected.

WaterStop 2.0 will be equipped with WiFi to increase social interaction (we're like the new office water cooler!), and digital displays to support local businesses through advertising. We will also be developing an app to make us easier to find, and to engage more customers.

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Use WaterStop to build your business.

WaterStop 2.0 will allow you to make a living while serving your community by franchising your own WaterStop Cart. Generate an income through sponsorships, with digital advertising, and by selling reusable water bottles or other products. And you don't need to be a media guru to use the digital advertising - our proprietary media center will provide cart vendors with everything they need!


Use WaterStop to add some flavor.

WaterStop 2.0 will let you get creative with options for adding carbonation, flavoring, or infusions.

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We’re talking about adding a patio-sized solar umbrella...

...what do you think?


Help us make WaterStop 2.0 a reality.