Here’s the problem – it’s complicated!


The Harsh Reality


Plastic isn’t healthy.

While plastic bottled water has served an important purpose in providing clean water, particularly to those in emergency situations, plastic has many negative consequences on our health and environment. Learn more about Sanitation and Health Effects.


Plastic isn’t sustainable.

It takes up to 1000 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in a landfill, and less than 20% of bottles are recycled (more like 12-15%). Even then, most recycling is actually down-cycling: making lower quality products than the originals, usually requiring the addition of virgin plastics and toxic chemicals in the process. Learn more about Our Planet & Pollution.


Plastic isn’t cheap.

Plastic bottled water is extremely expensive. To put it in scale, if all of the water you used around the house for showers, dishwashing, watering plants, etc. was bottled water, your H20 bill would be about $9000 per month. Learn more about Expense & Access.


The Takeaway


Plastic bottled water is hurting our health, planet, and wallets.


The Solution

WaterStop is here to make a change.


We Believe

Safe water is a human right, not a commodity.

It seems like a no-brainer that water should be safe, clean, accessible, and affordable to all, but unfortunately, that is not yet the case.

We Act

We make mobile water refill carts that deliver healthy water without the plastic waste.

They’re pretty sweet. Our mobile WaterStop Carts filter and purify municipal, recycled, reclaimed, and desalinated water to the taste and purity of bottled water. Each cart operates as its own small business in order to keep water-costs where they should be: free.

We Unite

We’re here to educate and empower one another.

We strive to educate our fellow citizens about water scarcity and contamination, the dangers of plastic waste, and most importantly, how to make positive changes in our lives and communities. Click here to join the conversation!


Meet our team:


Founder & (Acting) CEO

Nan Harris

Nan brings her leadership skills in innovation and successful team building. With an MFA she moved to NYC to pursue a career as Director/ Developer/Producer in the Entertainment Industry. Nan was hired by Warner Communications to work on the original concept team that developed Nickelodeon, MTV and VH1. This began a 30-year career at studios like Fox, Paramount, MGM, Kevin Costner’s TIG Productions, AFI and more. Nan excels at taking an original idea and successfully realizing it. Putting aside her entertainment career for maternal caregiving duties, she purchased a small company in Carmel CA, and sold it for three times the purchase price before returning to NYC and resuming her bi-coastal career.



Gerard Lynch

Jerry began his career in engineering at the New Orleans-based, McDermott International. As a lead equipment engineer for offshore projects, he worked at fabrication locations in Abu Dhabi, France, Philippines, Singapore, and Spain. For several years, Jerry also managed a 300 person maintenance and technical support group in Dubai. From the time he was chief engineer at Hayward Filtration to today, Jerry has acquired 30+ years of experience in the development, certification, testing and manufacturing of water treatment products. He has developed dozens of new water conditioning products including 4 U.S. patents for water treatment systems. In 1999, he acquired Sigma Design Company, which specializes in engineering, technology,consulting, and new product development.



Zoe Boxer

A fixer of sorts, Zoe’s varied background in theater, film and television has brought her to a specialization in systems and optimization. Whether applying it to the crew of a live tv show, or the setup of a company, Zoe has the unique ability to keep an eye on the master plan, while identifying weaknesses in the details. She has applied this talent for organizations large and small, including (but not limited to): Pixar Animation Studios, Camp Reel Stories, Advertising Week, One Foot Productions and Tina Brown Media. A graduate of UCLA, and a lifelong learner, Zoe loves taking on a challenge. But regardless of the job, Zoe believes in getting it done well, and doing it all with a smile and a sense of humor.


Meet our partners and advisors:


Prospective Technology

Kevin McGill

Kevin holds a B.S.E., M.A.S. and a J.D. He has a combination of engineering, business and legal education and experience, and has highly successful 25-year career: Kevin also excels in customer development, retention as well as customer relations. Technical areas of expertise include litigation support, litigation technology and environmental technology and energy programs. More than 10 years of experience with federal government attorneys.

Prospective Technology

George Evans

35 years to the present, George has provided direct support to the Director, Environmental Support Office of Procurement within the office of the Deputy Ass't Sec of the Army and Ass't Sec. of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, Technology. He also conducts liaison with the Deputy Ass't Sec of the Army for Environment, Safety Occupational Health, and Ass't Chief of Staff for Installation Management. He has won over 18 International Ozone Protection Awards.


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